The New Psycho-Cybernetics: Book Review


Game Changer: Getting Your Subconscious on Your Side

Probably one of the most influencial books that changed my life and how I see myself setting goals is from The New Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.  In fact its one of those books that I loved so much I went out and purchased a copy for one of my friends that I thought could use some serious change.

What makes this book fascinating in that Maxwell Maltz started his career as a plastic surgeon before making a startling discovery.  He could change someone on the outside, but unless they were willing to change their own self image these changes did not seem to make a difference.   This fact happened so many times and fascinated Maltz so much that he spent the remainder of his career writing and talking about the subject of self-image, the subconscious, and setting goals.

The idea in the book that really had an impact on me was the metaphor of an aeroplane flying from point A to point B.

Most of us believe the aeroplane is flying in a nice straight line, but in reality the plane is making minor adjusts all the time.  An aeroplane, such as a large commercial airliner, will zigzag all the way to its destination even on autopilot.  The pilot can take over at any moment, but he trusts the autopilot will do its job and keep adjusting the plane if it starts to fly off course.

The subconscious is similar!

You are the pilot of your own life but you can trust you subconscious like a goal striving servo-mechanism.  You have to keep feeding  your subconscious with positive ideas and written goals to keep “YOU” flying back on course.

Putting into Practice

I have my goals written in quite a few places.  I have a list of my goals in my BATHROOM!  Weird I know.  However it’s the first thing I see (subconscious or not in my sleepy state) every morning, and last thing I see before bed.

I also carry a copy of my goals in my wallet, I have a copy by my computer at work, and several places online.  Including a fun list at 43things.

I look at these lists often…visualize myself moving closer…and trust my subconscious will process in the background during spare cycles to figure out how to get me closer to my goals.

And you know what? I’m always knocking off things off the list. Often without extra effort, almost as if I was going to arrive regardless. I believe this is closest thing to creating your own destiny and achievement in life besides hard work and personal development.

Dan Kennedy is all about ‘No Bullshit!

Another interesting thing about The New Psycho-Cybernetics is that it was edited by another interesting author, Dan S. Kennedy. He’s a VERY successful entrepreneur at direct response marketing.   Author of the “No B.S…” series including one of my favourites the  No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs.

Dan Kennedy is about as brash and blunt as they come when it comes to dispensing advice.  I’ve read several of his books and the theme is similar…

You don’t make money with wishful thinking…you make money with results!

It perked my interest that a very cut-throat and successful businessman such as Dan Kennedy edited and assisted in a book about getting the subconscious to work for you in achieving and setting goals.  That reiterated to myself the techniques Maltz introduced holds water.  We humans are just BEGINNING to take advantage of hidden gems within our mind.

In Conclusion

Get your hands on a copy of The New Psycho-Cybernetics, or buy it for a loved one and place somewhere within reach.
Some parts way be a little dry, and some references to “The Almighty” might put off fellow Objectivity minded readers but the science of the subconscious is sound.

  • Statisficing: when you start putting faith that your subconscious will figure out how to achieve your goals in the background,  you can focus your conscious mind on the important things in front of you.